How to Contact the BMSAD

David Butler, BMSAD Chairman ( see profile in Competitor section )

Telephone: 01923 265577       



Who's Who in the Motor Sports Association

All applications for motorsport licences, where there is any kind of medical condition,
are dealt with at the Motor Sports Association (MSA) by :-

Sheila Barter -Medical Section Administrator

 (very helpful lady - our comment - not her job title)

The Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association Limited
Motor Sports House, Riverside Park, Colnbrook, SL3 0HG

Telephone: 01753 681 736       Fax: 01753 682 938      Email:       Website:




The Medical Advisory Panel

This Panel meets twice a year in March and October.
David Butler is a member of the Panel and represents all disabled applicants.

The Medical Regulations are constantly being updated so it is recommended that interested
parties obtain the latest version of the MSA "Blue Book" where all of the UK regulations can be found.

 We attempt to add details of such changes in our "Regulations" section as they occur.